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What’s In A Name?

If we’re going to call this the Anthropocene, then let it be an age of redemption.

The Importance of Voluntary Hierarchies

The idea of having another individual above you is seen as tyrannical by many, but it can benefit institutions and society if agreed upon.

President Obama speech single story counter-terrorism

Missing Morals: How a Single Story Leads Us Towards War

President Obama’s speech on counterterrorism strategy serves as a sinister example of how a single story can be used for the sake of harm.

Bush May Be Dead, But Crypto Isn’t

The mainstream hasn't hesitated to bury crypto six feet under with our former president and move on.

NCAA men's basketball title ix duke

The Case Against Title IX in Athletics

Though Title IX was made with good intentions, the implementation has been poor, resulting in many popular men's sports teams being cut.

London Britain london tower bridge

Is Britain Still a Free Country Today?

Though Britain was once a free and prosperous country, it has become increasing Orwellian in recent years as surveillance and government spending increase.

Democracy Is a Threat to Individual Liberty

Democracy is flawed when it comes to protecting the rights of the individual, but is successful in restricting those rights.

Space: The Next Victim of American Expansionism

The untamed and unknown frontier of space will soon fall prey to a continuation of the American policy of Manifest Destiny.

Should Doctors Stay In Their Lane? Physician Says Yes

The National Rifle Association said doctors should stay in their lane when it comes to gun control, and they're not wrong.

It’s Time the United States End its Saudi Arabian Alliance

The alliance with a nation which defies everything America stands for and denies the concept of human rights is not one America should be a part of.