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3 People Who Give You More Freedom than the Government

Ryan Lau | @RyanLau71R

The government is often touted as an entity that guarantees the freedom of its citizens. But the United States’ incarceration rate continues to soar. Today, the country hosts nearly 25% of the world’s prisoners despite having less than 5% of the world’s population. Meanwhile, privacy has become moot as location tracking and unmarked police vehicles become the norm. The government has done nothing to stop this, often passing laws to further restrict freedom.

Luckily, there are some individuals who took it upon their own shoulders to fight for the rights of free people to do as they please. In the past ten years alone, these three individuals have done more to guarantee your freedom than the entire United States government has done in 50 years.

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Ross Ulbricht: Five Keys to Inner Strength From Five Years in Prison

Ross Ulbricht | @RealRossU

October 1, 2018, marked five years since I was imprisoned. My physical surroundings today are ironically similar to what they were after my arrest back in 2013. I’m in the SHU again (Special Housing Unit, aka “the hole”). It means permanent lockdown, separated from the general prison population, in a small cell.

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Justice Thomas Reveals a History of Population Control

Dr. Warren Albrecht | United States

In a 20 page concurring opinion in the recent Box v. Planned Parenthood, Justice Clarence Thomas describes a modern population control doctrine where Planned Parenthood would lead modern-day eugenics providing abortion exclusively because of the sex or race of the baby or non-lethal disabilities such as Down’s Syndrome.

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Benito Mussolini: Great Man of History or Man of Exploit?

John Keller | @keller4liberty

There are two prevailing schools of thought in analyzing history. The first is the ‘great man’ theory, in which great men such as Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte drive history. The second school of thought is that history is inspired by societal trends and circumstances, not merely the actions of one man. This essay seeks to examine Benito Mussolini and try to understand if his rise to power was a product of circumstance or made possible by his efforts.

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Is Carlos Maza Representing Fascism at Vox?

Warren Albrecht | @DrW_Albrecht

Carlos Maza, a prominent political video personality at Vox, is suggesting that YouTube shut down Steven Crowder’s channel because he makes incredibly popular videos debunking Maza’s Vox Strikethrough videos and teasing his identity. In a tweet, he stated to supporters, “Anyway, If you want to help, I guess you can go to this dude’s videos and flag them?” BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions movement) strikes again.

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