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Thanks PewDiePie: Gamers Rise Up on the Blockchain

Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

Even amidst liberal propaganda and widespread government intervention, modern society is still reassuring me that the future will be great. It still holds the eternal promise of technological wonder. From hoverboards to self-tying shoes, technology has allowed us to create some of our most pataphysics fantasies. Yet, no artistic fantasy saw gamers taking over the blockchain even in the most absurd prophecies. But it is happening, thanks to DLive and PewDiePie.

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The Government Is Killing Students’ Free Speech

Josh Hughes | @joshh51099

Since the founding of the United States, individuals have been passionate about their rights to speech and expression. This passion is not limited to adults; students of all ages have their own beliefs they have the right to express. But sadly, schools across the nation have attempted to suppress that right. For this reason, in 1969 (Tinker v. Des Moines), the Supreme Court decided that students have First Amendment rights in the classroom. Unfortunately, subsequent cases have tread on this right and limited free speech for students.

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In America, We Don’t Worship God, We Worship Government

Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

“God is dead and we have killed him” was the cry of Nietzsche as the western world absorbed the new rational ideas of the enlightenment. But this was a cry of despair. As civilization became increasingly rational, the attitude towards religion changed. People are more secular as a consequence of widespread rationalism. In addition, even those that remain religious have de-mystified their worship and practices.

But we as humans face the burden of existence. Having a transcendent framework is useful to grapple with this. The fact that life goes on and on until we die and the world keeps turning despite our actions is scary. When humans look up to something greater than themselves, it helps them cope. But as Nietzsche announced, God is dead. Society has left behind what it used to look up to. In turn, we have begun to worship a different god. This new false idol is the politician.

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Science Proves That Gender Differences Exist Before Birth

Romy Haber | @romyjournalist

“One is not born, but rather becomes, woman.” This is perhaps one of the most quoted lines from Simone de Beauvoir’s work; she is one of the first feminists to claim that gender is a social construct. Since then, the popularization of the “social construction of gender” has mushroomed.  Denying that gender is a product of culture can get you branded as “sexist” or “misogynistic.”

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Net Neutrality, Entrepreneurship, and Private Roads

Atilla Sulker | United States

Information flows through the internet as cars flow through roads and highways. In a free market, a private road owner would be able to regulate traffic on his road. In the same context, a private ISP would be able to regulate internet traffic. Like physical roads, the logistics of the internetwork also work in such a way that traffic congestion can become a problem. This is a major issue with net neutrality.

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