Category: Philosophy


Political Language is Biased Against Nonviolence

By passively, instead of proactively, describing ideals like small government and nonviolence, the freedom movement is digging their own grave.

Vegans Would Fare Much Better as Libertarians

Farming subsidies hurt the small farmers and consumers across America, but perhaps, vegans are harmed more than anyone else.

Trump’s Treason

It’s time we start calling out President Trump for his betrayal

Agency is Libertarian. Marijuana and Alcohol Aren’t.

Agency, or true self-responsibility, is the key to a sustainable free society, and mind-altering substances have no place in that society.

Philosophy is Not Dead.

Despite what many may think, philosophy still has great value in today's society.

Henry David Thoreau: Walking the True Walk of Libertarianism

Like Thoreau, we must live and also act deliberately in order to obtain the freedom and liberty that we desire.

The Consequences of States Defining Nations

When States define nations and collect statistics about people within them, they are only creating more tools to divide those who are equal.

Measuring The True Quality Of Human Life

Objectively, things are generally better than ever. The problem is, life is by definition a subjective experience.

Two Practical Tips For Every Libertarian

These two basic practices will change the entire intellectual lifestyle of a libertarian in a positive way.

Libertarians Need To Take On Cultural Marxism

Due to the mishap on Ron Paul's Twitter account, cultural Marxism has come into question for Libertarians.