Category: Psychology


Twitter’s Terrible Mob Mentality

Substantial reform is needed to control Twitter's mob mentality. Through such efforts, Twitter can regain its rationality and become the open forum it needs to be.

Humanist Spirituality

Values & ideas will always have an ethereal quality. Humanism offers us a way to celebrate that fact without abandoning reason

Political Language is Biased Against Nonviolence

By passively, instead of proactively, describing ideals like small government and nonviolence, the freedom movement is digging its own grave.

Measuring The True Quality Of Human Life

Objectively, things are generally better than ever. The problem is, life is by definition a subjective experience.

Nationalism Hurts Young Men Today. Here’s How

Nationalism gives a false sense of pride for accomplishments of the long-dead.

Creation Guides the World All the Way Down

Destruction is an illusion. Transformation is real.

America Needs To Let Go of Zero-Sum Thinking

Humanity isn’t a collection of teams. Humanity is the team.

Knowledge is Asymptotic, Not Absolute or Relative

Why the relativists and the absolutists are both incorrect.

The Wage Gap Is Real, And We Should Keep It Around

The proposition for equality of outcome leads to various forms of redistributive totalitarianism.


The Stigma Surrounding Hallucinogens Took Root in Western Colonialism

This stigma surrounding hallucinogenic substances has taken many forms since the times of colonialism.