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Steven Pinker

Dr. Steven Pinker and Enlightenment Now

Noted Harvard psychology professor Steven Pinker gives an incredible presentation on reason and enlightenment thinking.

Reflection man in mountains

Making Room for Reflection in the Learning Process

The learning process isn’t just about taking in information. It’s about making time to integrate it into your own life, too.

Puppets: Myanmar Puppet

Puppets of Parasites: Escaping the State is Impossible

In today's society, the state reduces citizens to puppets, making it impossible to live with a clean conscience.

Enlightened forest

No, You Can’t Think Outside of the Box

Based on humanity's inherent tendency to conceptualize nature into common terms for communication, it is impossible to think outside of the box.

Thinking man in doubt

“Johannes Climacus” and the Need for Existential Doubt

In his brilliant work, "Johannes Climacus", Soren Kierkegaard breaks from most philosophers in regards to his belief in existential doubt.

Meeting of Waters, Brazil

Democrats’ and Republicans’ Morals Prevent Compromise

The political parties cannot agree on what constitutes a "fair" society.

Near Death Experience Illustration

Inevitable Death at the Hands of the Former

Young but aged-looking mental patient Jake Anderson is haunted by his belief in an evil Creator, but are any of his fears grounded in reality?

The Tragic Final Chapter of Anthony Bourdain

'Parts Unknown' chef's last days were chaotic

The Prisoner’s Dilemma

A lesson in both the power and the limitation of models

Richard Russell, Kierkegaard, and the Crisis of Modernity

Danish philosopher Kierkegaard's attitudes on the human condition and despair are largely applicable in the modern society.