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The Case for Libertarian Monarchism, Part One

Contrary to popular opinion, monarchism, rather than a form of democracy, is the best way to protect liberty.

Career Politicians Without Term Limits are a Thing of the Past

American politicians currently serve without term limits, but there is some movement for change in Congress.

Part I – Humans and Animals: Defining Moral, Ethic, and Humane

Humans are not “equal” to other species of animals, especially not under the law.  

John McAfee Poisoned By “Enemies”

Antivirus magnet unconscious for two days in North Carolin hospital.

The Toxic Cocktail of Identity Politics

From this logic, we begin to see the dark path that leads to leftist Antisemitism.

Equivocation Is As Good As Support To An Aspiring Tyrant

We’ve reached an inflection point. It’s time to decide where you stand.

Why The Left Will Lose The Culture War

Eventually, the chains of PC culture will be broken as people start to recognize that truth is more important than feelings.

The Epigenetics of America’s Immigration Policy

People will be paying for what’s unfolding on the border for generations

Colby Covington Is Making The UFC Great Again

Trash Talking Fighter Wins Title & Unexpected New Fans

Victimless Crime Laws Have No Place in a Free Society

In a free society, the only laws are direct protections of individual rights to life, liberty, and property.