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Global Affairs

Malta Is The Future Of Crypto

The blockchain island is taking massive leaps in the cryptocurrency sector.

Strikes in Syria: What We Know

Latest Updates to the U.S. Attack in Syria

Legacy of Lies: America’s Dirty Habit

It appears that Assad is not responsible for these gas attacks.

How Portugal Is Winning The War On Drugs

Portuguese officials came to the conclusion that hardcore criminalization was not the answer to the problem.

U.S. on Trial: The Death of Democracy

The United States government preaches democracy, but is it harming the image of its own principle?

Islamic State Attacks French Supermarket, Showing A Failure For Gun Control

This attack is a prime example of how mass murdering psychopaths will obtain firearms regardless of the laws.

The Cost Of War In The Everlasting Echo Of The Battlefield

Imagine intense fear happens every single night, preventing you from sleeping.

Culture Is Responsible For Japan’s Low Gun Violence Rates, Not Gun Control

It’s not about the laws, it’s Japan’s collectivist culture that keeps mass shootings out of the nation.

Latin America: The Most Bizarre Political Landscape in the World

Something I noticed is how particularly unique the political landscape is in Latin America.

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