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Privatizing America’s Rogue Military, In A Way

Given the current corruption, inefficiency, and deception that plagues our military’s bureaucracy, a change is much needed.


The Fear of Fake News May Be the End of Europe

Actions all across European countries set a dangerous precedent for the future of free speech.


Why Feminism is Still Needed

Feminism may not be the best option in the U.S., but what about the developing world?


The Olympics and Korean Diplomacy

Andrew Lepore | USA After a year of escalating tensions, beating war drums, and threats of “fire and fury”, most Americans have little confidence that the situation with North Korea will get better before it gets worse. Many Americans believe the chance for diplomacy on the peninsula is null. In fact, The University of Quinnipiac ...


Trump talks business, press in Davos

U.S. President Donald Trump caused an impression at the World Economic Forum in Davos as he talked "America First" and touted U.S. success.


Trump’s Withdrawal from the TPP Hurts our Economy

In the fast-paced news cycle, there is a tendency to forget about news stories as they age. However, this does not mean they forget about us, and sometimes, they come back to haunt us. Just over a year ago, President Trump withdrew the United States from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Essentially, this move ceded ...


Save The Children Halts Afghan Programs After Attack

Save the Children lost three staffers and an Afghan soldier was killed during a 10 hour siege by Daesh militants.


U.S.-Led Coalition Airstrike Kills 150 Daesh Militants

The United States-led coalition marks success after bombing Daesh headquarters.

Military action drone

Why the Military Action in Syria Was Justifiable

The recent action in Syria left many at odds, but due to the need to help the repressed citizens, it was a justifiable happening.