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Proposed DC Law Would Lower Voting Age to 16

Recent Washington D.C. legislation would permit 16 and 17-year-old's to vote.

The Surveillance State’s Iron Grip is Tightening

Americans are losing their privacy more than ever.

#FinallyFreeAmerica – Interview with Adam Kokesh

An exclusive interview with 2020 Presidential candidate, Adam Kokesh.

New York Could Legalize Marijuana Soon

New York could be the tenth state to legalize marijuana if all goes well with a planned study.

South Carolina Pushes For ‘Right To Secede’ In Response To Gun Control Talk

Republican lawmakers have introduced legislation that would open the doors for potential South Carolina secession.

The Youtube Shooter Wrap-up

More pertinent information on the preventable YouTube shooting.

Local Politics Matter – Interview with Brian Defferding

Fox Valley Libertarian Party leader speaks about his movement.

Newnan, Georgia Residents Prepare for a Possible Neo-Nazi Rally

A city in Georgia is preparing for a possible conflict involving Neo-Nazis.

Debunking The April 20th School Walkout

The second national school walkout, set for April 20th, is an ineffective method of protest that also undermines the fundamental rights of individuals.

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