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Santa Monica Could Soon Ban Bird and Lime E-Scooters

This Tuesday evening, the city of Santa Monica is debating whether or not to ban Bird and Lime e-scooters from their streets.

The Case for Liberty – Phil Anderson for WI

Phil Anderson is exactly the solution Wisconsin needs to their current budget crisis caused by Scott Walker and his excessive mandates.

West Hollywood City Council Removes Trump’s Star From Walk of Fame

With Hollywood being seen as the bastion of Democrat bias, does this action by the West Hollywood City Council really help the argument that there is no bias?

Lebron James

LeBron James’s Empty Promise

Lebron's allegedly altruistic "I Promise School" is only partially funded by him. The remaining money all comes from the state, at the expense of the other schools.

Lena Epstein

Lena Epstein Wins Michigan Republican Primary

Lena Epstein, of Michigan's 11th House District, has safely defeated her primary opponents in an area that leaned blue in 2016.

Haley Stevens Wins Michigan Democratic Primary

Haley Stevens is likely to become the Democratic nominee for Michigan's House District 11.

LIVE COVERAGE: Washington 8th Congressional District Primary

The Washington Primary is expected to have a number of twists.

Prop A: Missourians Vote Against Proposition A

Missouri Proposition A is defeated.

Hawley Takes Missouri GOP Primary

Josh Hawley has won the Missouri GOP primary.

LIVE COVERAGE: Michigan’s 11th House District

Tonight determines who moves on into a contested general election for Michigan's 11th House District.