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Amazon’s Second HQ Will Cost Taxpayers Billions

Amazon's plans for a second HQ has local governments offering huge tax breaks and subsidies to convince Amazon to open HQ2 in their city.

Inner city Detroit

Rock City No More: How Big Government Ruined Detroit

After decades of prosperity in Rock City, big government policies came into Detroit and sent the economy spiraling into recession.

police brutality protest

The Most Brutal Police Department in the Country

With grossly high levels of excessive police force and four FBI investigations, Mesa, AZ has some of the most brutal police in the country.

Libertarian Party of Ohio at Midterms

Why the 2018 Midterms are Important to the Libertarian Party

There are unprecedented amounts of dissatisfied voters for the Libertarian Party to draw from this midterm season.

South Carolina capitol

The South Carolina LP’s Battle Over James Smith

The South Carolina Libertarian Party is being attacked for the simple reason that they are not nominating Democrat James Smith for governor.

Hacking Agriculture: CRISPR Could Change Food Forever

New CRISPR technologies lead to plant innovation towards a possible future without food scarcity.

Larry Sharpe to be Featured on The Joe Rogan Experience

The Libertarian Party candidate for governor of New York will be a guest on Joe Rogan's show.

Gary Johnson in Second Place in NM Senate Race Poll

A new poll has Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in second place in the New Mexico Senate race, 10 points above Republican Mick Rich.

Santa Monica Could Soon Ban Bird and Lime E-Scooters

This Tuesday evening, the city of Santa Monica is debating whether or not to ban Bird and Lime e-scooters from their streets.

The Case for Liberty – Phil Anderson for WI

Phil Anderson is exactly the solution Wisconsin needs to their current budget crisis caused by Scott Walker and his excessive mandates.