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Jimmy Kimmel Calls Out President Trump After Florida Shooting

Jimmy Kimmel took a swipe at Republicans and President Trump after the deadly mass shooting Wednesday

Rand Paul Condemns Military Leaders for Corrupting Trump’s Non-Interventionist Inclinations

Trump’s non-interventionist policies thus far are currently being silenced by the generals inside of the administration.

Donald Trump Is Just Another Big-Government President

Being anti-left is not enough to gain my support in a general election.

Are Trump’s Actions Speaking Louder Than His Words?

Could people be looking past Trump's rhetoric to realize light in his policy?

Libertarians Need To Engage With Politics If They Ever Wish To Go Forward

Young people need to get involved in both in local and state politics.

Ivanka’s Reform Attempt And The Failure Of The Two-Party System

It is easy to be all talk and no fight, especially in Washington.

Anti-Spending Conservatives Jump On The Military Parade Bandwagon

Conservatives, who tout themselves as proponents of small government, are in full favor of this costly parade.

Shutdown Ends: Trump Signs Budget Bill

United States President Donald Trump signs off on a two-year budget bill passed by Congress overnight, avoiding a longer government shutdown.

U.S. Senate Passes Budget Bill

The United States Senate passes the budget bill, sending it off to the House of Representatives.

Shutdown Confirmed: U.S. Senate Back In Session

The United States government shutdown has been confirmed as the Senate heads into recess.

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