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webster bank ned lamont

CT Gov. Ned Lamont Had a Brilliant Plan, but He Killed It

Ned Lamont is teaming up with Webster Bank to aid federal employees during the shutdown, but is the government side holding back the plan's success?

Republican States are Caving on Marijuana Legalization

A green wave has taken hold of Republican state legislatures as marijuana legislation sparks up.


The Case against Democracy in a Free Society

Though many hail democracy as the best form of government, it is a failure of an idea that only takes away the people's rights and property.

Is Trump’s Wall What’s Best At The Border?

Building a wall along the southern border with Mexico is not only fiscally irresponsible but is impractical and would likely not solve illegal immigration.

The States Should Control National Parks

Allowing states to control national parks would minimize the effects of government shutdowns on them and provide all the benefits of localized government.

The Yellow Vests Are The New Face Of Bitcoin

Protestors across France have turned their sights on the banks.

political compromise government overreach bipartisan

Government Overreach Increases Regardless of Party

Though compromise appears beneficial on the surface, it usually results in government overreach on behalf of both parties.

term limits patrick leahy

Congressional Term Limits Are a Necessity

With 14% congressional approval ratings but reelection rates often over 90%, it is clear that term limits are essential in America.

The Hysteria Over the Government Shutdown

The United States is facing a government shutdown, yet some Americans are not affected and are living their lives outside of this mass hysteria.

Universal Basic Income: Ultimately Botched and Inept

The idea of providing the nation's citizens with a Universal Basic Income is not only a flawed one but also one that would not be effective.