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The Real Cause of Mass Shootings

Mass shootings are a shocking aspect of American life. How do we solve them?


Why Feminism is Still Needed

Feminism may not be the best option in the U.S., but what about the developing world?


Why the #MeToo Movement is a Sham

The new popular movement targets the innocent and skews justice.


The Midterms Are Coming, Faster Than Ever

They're on their way - which way is each state leaning?


California House Leader Proposes a Ban on Restaurants Offering Unsolicited Straws

California's new joke of a legislation attempts to target straws.


The Olympics and Korean Diplomacy

Andrew Lepore | USA After a year of escalating tensions, beating war drums, and threats of “fire and fury”, most Americans have little confidence that the situation with North Korea will get better before it gets worse. Many Americans believe the chance for diplomacy on the peninsula is null. In fact, The University of Quinnipiac ...


McAfee Out At MGT Capital

Tech Pioneer Let Go In Shakeup


“Build the Wall” Sign Declared Hate Speech at Stanford

Free speech seems to be in a precarious position at Stanford.


Trump talks business, press in Davos

U.S. President Donald Trump caused an impression at the World Economic Forum in Davos as he talked "America First" and touted U.S. success.


But Who Will Clear the Roads? The Private Sector, of Course

With snow falling across the United States, it seems obvious that the services meant to remedy that should be privatized.