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Logan Paul Is An Obnoxious Entitled Brat Who Deserves To Make Money

Logan Paul Is An Idiot But That Doesnt Give Youtube The Right To Take Away His Livelihood

Watch: Elon Musk & Space X Successfully Launch “Falcon Heavy”

Elon Musk & Team Continue To Lead The Future Of Space Travel

The Olympics and Korean Diplomacy

Andrew Lepore | USA After a year of escalating tensions, beating war drums, and threats of “fire and fury”, most Americans have little confidence that the situation with North Korea will get better before it gets worse. Many Americans believe the chance for diplomacy on the peninsula is null. In fact, The University of Quinnipiac ...

Actor and Comedian Aziz Ansari Represents Everyone Falsely Accused of Sexual Assult

The wave of sexual assault allegations have left many falsely accused. Mr. Ansari is only the latest victim.

Jumanji Beats Out Star Wars, Other Blockbusters

The release of a sequel/spinoff of the 1995 original Jumanji movie caught the box office by storm.

SYFY’s Hit Series “The Magicians” Will Begin Third Season Wednesday

Wednesday will mark the return of one of Syfy’s hit shows, “The Magicians”

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