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Near Death Experience Illustration

Inevitable Death at the Hands of the Former

Young but aged-looking mental patient Jake Anderson is haunted by his belief in an evil Creator, but are any of his fears grounded in reality?


Anarchy: What It Is and What Teen Vogue Fails to Realize

Kim Kelly of Teen Vogue gives a description of anarchy that reveals her underlying support for a tyrannical democratic state.

Alex Jones of Infowars

Alex Jones and Infowars Permanently Banned from Twitter

Citing previous tweets as examples, Twitter's safety account has decided to permanently remove the accounts of Alex Jones and Infowars.

Swooshed: Nike Loses 3 Billion In One Day On Kaepernick Deal

Former 49ers quarterback stars in controversial ad campaign.

Stationary Plane

Stationary Plane Leaves American Patriots Breathless

At the Army National Guard Base in Burlington, Vermont, a stationary plane is wowing droves of patriotic Americans for a seemingly endless duration.

The Tragic Final Chapter of Anthony Bourdain

'Parts Unknown' chef's last days were chaotic

Bomb hits Beirut barracks

The Last Thoughts of Delavan, Killed by an American Bomb

A touching fictional narrative story about the demise of Delavan, a kind young man unfortunately thrown into a society with little possible escape

Less Is More: Building a Video Game in a Sandbox built on Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency

For many, the emotions experienced by the mere mention of “cryptocurrency” is one of fear and uncertainty, brought about predominantly by a lack of understanding of Blockchain technology, coupled with a repetitive message from antiquated mainstream media.

This Kentucky Multi-Media Shop Surged its Town’s Economy

Appalshop, a multi-media company in Eastern Kentucky, has grown massively over the last half century and is helping to reduce poverty.

Welcome to The International! Rogers Arena Hosts Dota 2 Championships.

Teams face off at The International for the Dota 2 championships, as the gaming industry prepares to start using the blockchain.