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Football players kneeling for the national anthem

Nike and Kaepernick are Unimportant. Focus on Real Issues.

The controversy behind Nike and Colin Kaepernick is only a divide and conquer tactic that allows the public to ignore more significant issues at hand.

Swooshed: Nike Loses 3 Billion In One Day On Kaepernick Deal

Former 49ers quarterback stars in controversial ad campaign.

LeBron James: The NBA’s Superhero

By moving from the Cavs to the Lakers, LeBron James is beginning a complex shift in the NBA's various conferences that will help the game.

France Officially Wins Second World Cup in Russia

France takes home World Cup after final against Croatia in Russia.

Colby Covington Is Making The UFC Great Again

Trash Talking Fighter Wins Title & Unexpected New Fans

Donald Trump, America, and the World are all Winning

Trump Scores Major Victory With Peace Summit

Rodman Was Right

Former NBA Star Vindicated Ahead Of Peace Summit

The Flag Takes a Knee all the Time, and Nobody Minds

Symbolism and piousness are worse than hollow gestures, as they undercut democracy's hard work.