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The Hypocrisy of Publicly Funded Stadiums

With the superbowl on its way, let us take a moment to realize that public funding has no place in sports.

Tom Brady Becomes The Oldest Player To Receive The MVP Award

Brady, the former 6th rounder, "nobody" has shattered NFL records as a 40-year-old quarterback in the 2017 season, playing some of his best football in his 18-year career.

Wentz Talks Injury

Carson Wentz suffered a season-ending injury to his left knee in a close win against the Rams.

The Olympics and Korean Diplomacy

Andrew Lepore | USA After a year of escalating tensions, beating war drums, and threats of “fire and fury”, most Americans have little confidence that the situation with North Korea will get better before it gets worse. Many Americans believe the chance for diplomacy on the peninsula is null. In fact, The University of Quinnipiac ...

All-Star for Anyone!

The All-Star game is supposed to display the players with the best individual seasons facing off against each other on the court, but occasionally we will see a player(s) get snubbed out of participation and are replaced by someone who is having a far worse statistical season.

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