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The Trump and Clemson Hamburger Party Is a Non-issue

While serious issues grip our nation, media has taken an undeserved vacation to write on the semantics of the Clemson Hamburger Party.

Feeding the homeless Free Hot Soup Kansas City

Free Hot Soup Kansas City Barred from Feeding the Homeless

Free Hot Soup Kansas City, a local group that gives free food to homeless people, was shut down by the Health Department for being "open to the public".

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VIDEO: Utah Senator Eats Weed Gummy Bears

Utah State Senator Jim Dabakis eats marijuana gummy bears on video.

Cannabis Cola: Coke Interested in CBD-infused Product

Soft drink maker eyes the marijuana market

The Tragic Final Chapter of Anthony Bourdain

'Parts Unknown' chef's last days were chaotic

Hacking Agriculture: CRISPR Could Change Food Forever

New CRISPR technologies lead to plant innovation towards a possible future without food scarcity.

California Wants to Regulate Options for Kids’ Drinks

A new bill in California would affect the way that restaurants in California can market drinks, in an attempt to reduce childhood obesity.

What Canada Can Teach America About Peace, Order & Good Government

Canada isn’t a utopia but it does have something to teach the United States about the value of community and the proper role of government

California Leftists Want To Control How You Eat

Ultra Liberal State Legislatures Push For Ban On Corporate Cafeterias