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The German Empire Lost World War One Before the Start

The German Empire, despite being a leading European power, lost the Great War before a shot was even fired due to military mistakes and underestimation.

Salem Witch Trials depiction

Sexual Assault Claims Are Turning into Witch Trials

By robbing both Kavanaugh and Christine Ford of the principle of innocent until proven guilty, the Senate is making claims into witch trials.

Enlightened forest

No, You Can’t Think Outside of the Box

Based on humanity's inherent tendency to conceptualize nature into common terms for communication, it is impossible to think outside of the box.

red heifer apocalypse cow

The End of Days? Apocalypse Cow Born in Israel

The Jewish Temple Institute claims to have bred a red heifer "apocalypse cow", but their next actions may spell conflict with Muslims.

Slavery market in Atlanta

It is Too Late for Slavery Reparations in the U.S.

Though slavery was perhaps the greatest stain on America's history, it is simply impossible to pay reparations this far in the future.

Swooshed: Nike Loses 3 Billion In One Day On Kaepernick Deal

Former 49ers quarterback stars in controversial ad campaign.

A New Look on Authoritarianism: Roman Dmowski

Can authoritarian nationalism and free market capitalism find common ground in the struggle against radical leftism and fascism?

Psychedelic Mushroom Trials Approved By FDA

A Psychedelic Renaissance In Mushroom Medicine Has Begun

The Prisoner’s Dilemma

A lesson in both the power and the limitation of models

Barry Goldwater

Barry Goldwater is Only Popular Today Because He Lost

Barry Goldwater, a voice for limited government in the 1960s, is popular today because he did not have the power to betray his ideals.