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From the Editor: A Public Service Announcement Regarding PETA

Senior Editor Roman King warns against donating to PETA.

Weinstein Helped Finance Clinton DefenseĀ 

Sexual misconduct and Hollywood corruption

5 Nationalist Movements to Watch

Nationalist movements are on the rise.

OPINION: Trump Needs to Stop, from a Trump Supporter

A Trump supporter's opinion regarding where Trump is succeeding and where he's lacking.

Civil Discourse Is Dead. Let’s Revive It.

I fail to notice the consequences of perception. When I assert my political opinion I let it become me. This is inherently a mistake.

These 10 Places Could Become the World’s Next Countries

A list of 10 areas which may soon be sovereign states.

To Stand, or Not to Stand?

Is the flag code enforceable by law?

The Rise of Emotional Abuse

Emotional Abuse has increased 200% since 2010. Why? How? And what can be done?

California Charter School Finalizes Decision to Mandate Transgender Education in Kindergarten

A very grisly and public battle waged over the last few months in Rocklin, California culminated a school board decision that prevents parents from pulling their kindergarten-aged children out of a "story time" that involve transgender issues.

Governor of US Virgin Islands Feeling the Heat after Firearms Seizure

By Andrew Zirkle | USA Last week, while Hurricane Irma began to bear down on the islands of the Caribbean, much of the territorial leadership was poised to evacuate citizens and bring in emergency aid. However, Gov. Kenneth Mapp was preparing the US Virgin Islands in a different way. On September 5th, an executive order ...