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Venezuelan Crisis Reaches A New Apex

Venezuela's political crisis is reaching an apex, and the tension is beginning to become unbearable.

Tread on my Flag, not my Rights!

Prohibiting the ability to stand on flags is a violation of most basic speech rights.

Patriotism is Good, Nationalism is Not

There is an important distinction to be made between nationalism and patriotism

Turn Your State Yellow!

I will focus on how to quickly and effectively use the libertarian party as a means of achieving liberty.

Hyphens; The Central Seed of American Division

The hyphen of a seemingly innocent label is still ingraining problems in society to this day.

A Former Spy Was At Trump JR Meeting

By Eli Ridder | WASHINGTON, DC An ex-Soviet counter-intelligence agent turned lobbyist attended the 2016 meeting with Donald Trump Jr, a Russian lawyer allegedly connected with the Kremlin, and other Trump campaign officials.  Trump Jr releases emails  Named as Rinat Akhmetshin told the Associated Press news agency that he was present at the encounter in Trump ...

US Politician’s Ex-Staffers Send Nudes

By Carter Goode | WASHINGTON, DC Two former employees of a sitting member of the United States House of Representatives were indicted today in a cyberstalking case, according to the Department of Justice. Juan R McCullum was indicted on two counts of cyberstalking after he allegedly distributed nude images and videos of his former boss, while ...

Is Petersen’s Party Permutation Principled?

By Ryan Lau | MISSOURI This past Tuesday, 2016 Libertarian Presidential runner-up, Austin Petersen, announced a bid for Senate in his home state of Missouri. This move, which would otherwise be viewed exceptionally highly by all libertarians, has one key flaw. Petersen switched his political affiliations and is running as a Republican. However, I do ...

We The People, Our Bill of Rights, and Why we Should Care: Part 3

The third amendment, and why it matters.

There is no “Right Way” to Spread Liberty

There is no more noble worldly cause that of advancing the values of liberty and individual autonomy.