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Hope Solo is The President US Soccer Needs

The Tanya Harding of Soccer is Running for USSF President!

John Green’s New Book ‘Turtles All the Way Down’ Will Get Movie Adaptation

There is a possibility this movie will meet the same demise as 'Looking for Alaska'.

The Double-Edged Sword of Legislation for Greater Access to The Supreme Court

What would the cost of an increase in Supreme Court access come at?

An Anarchist Society is a Better Society

Why a stateless society would thrive.

Statist Express: What the Last Minute 500 Page Republican Tax Bill Says About Our Democracy

Our democracy has failed us and can be sadly summarized as nothing more than, ‘you’re with us or you’re against us’

The Fight for Speech is a Fight for Liberty

Free speech is critical to the survival of liberty and individuality, both in the west and worldwide.

3 Congressmen of Both Parties Exposed as Sexual Assailants

Three members of the state have had their pasts of sexual harassment revealed.

Conspiracy: Bottled Water Not Regulated

"It's not always obvious, it's not always clear, but water is regulated." Find out how!

Affirmative Action: The Not so Fair “Fairness” Policy

A review of the issues within the system of affirmative action.

Trump’s Economic Plan: The Greatest or Statist?

Will the president's economic plan increase state regulation or open things up for the free market?