Category: Economics

The Cannabis Industry is Blazing on Economic Upsides

Investors are flooding into the industry in areas where it has been legalized.

JSE: The New Top Prospect of Crypto

JSEcoin may be the next big thing in the world of crypto.

Where’s the Money? We Could Have Payed Off the Debt by Now

An MSU economist began to review government documents, and he discovered a more serious waste than we could’ve imagined.

Senate Bill Threatens Future of Cryptocurrency

This Senate bill may change how Cryptocurrency is bought and sold.

Your Business, Not Your Choice

Many claim that by supporting business’ right to discriminate immediately means that you are a bigot or racist. This is wrong.

DeepBrain Chain: Artificial Intelligence On The Blockchain

Skynet Arrives on the Blockchain

Gold or Bust: How Russia and China Can Make Gold Great Again

Russia and China are going to create a new gold trade, but it is not like the rest.

Here’s Why Martin Schulz’s ‘United States of Europe’ is a Horrible Idea

The European Union could move from a union of countries to a country within the next 10 years if this Eurocrat gets his way.

The Senate Tax Bill is Lowering Tax Rates. That’s a Great Thing.

The Senate tax bill provides an array of benefits to multiple businesses and people throughout the country.

We Should Not Change the Minimum Wage. Here’s Why.

The minimum wage should stay exactly where its at.