Category: Europe

The “CryptoRuble” is Born

Russia will begin to issue its own cryptocurrency.

5 Nationalist Movements to Watch

Nationalist movements are on the rise.

These 10 Places Could Become the World’s Next Countries

A list of 10 areas which may soon be sovereign states.

UKIP’s New Shot at Glory

The United Kingdom Independence Party's story may not be over.

Cause for Basque Independence Regains Attention After Catalan Referendum

Independence for Catalonia may only be the beginning.

3 Big Stories You Missed During the NFL Controversy

Over the past week, the NFL has dominated media coverage. Here are three stories you might have missed.

The Italian Refugee Crisis

The refugees that have inundated Italy and Europe's immigration systems are mostly asylum seekers

BBC Censors “Climate Deniers” 

The British Broadcasting Corporation, a public news organization funded by the UK Government, has told their staff to “give climate deniers unequal air time”. This means that the news channel will no longer allow skeptics of the thought of climate change to debate people who do agree with the idea of climate change. The evidence ...

Editorial: Get U.S. Out: Why the United States Should Leave the UN

Eric Lee proposes an argument for the United States Leaving the United Nations.

Is Scottish Independence Dead?

Independence has consumed Scottish Politics, which made Scotland different from the rest of the UK during the election