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From the Editor: Stagnation and Apathy Are Extremely Destructive — Here’s Why

In this edition of From the Editor, Roman King warns the general population not to accept a mediocre life.

71R Exclusive Interview With Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Jake Porter

On August 8th, 71 Republic editor Max Bibeau interviewed Jake Porter, a Libertarian Party candidate for Governor in Iowa.

BREAKING: Venezuelan Rebels Attack Military Base

Venezuelan rebel groups have turned increasingly violent as the socialist country continues to face difficulties regarding food supply, police overreach, and tyrannical policy.

Venezuelan Crisis Reaches A New Apex

Venezuela's political crisis is reaching an apex, and the tension is beginning to become unbearable.

The Full Story of The Bitcoin Split

Bitcoin holder Max Bibeau discusses Bitcoin Cash fluctuation, the Coinbase lawsuit, and the future of Bitcoin mining.

Spicer Resigns as White House Press Secretary and Acting Comms Director, Scaramucci Appointed as New Comms Director

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who assumed office January 20th under the Trump administration and served as White House Director of Communications from January 20th as well until March 6th and rejoined as acting director on June 2nd, announced his resignation today.

Janet Yellen Testifies Before House Banking Committee, DOW Hits Record High

The economy is robust and in good shape, according to Janet Yellen, current Federal Reserve chair.

First Libertarian Elected In Mississippi

By James Lakin | Mclain, MS Earlier today, Mayor Steve McCluskey of the small town of Mclain, MS became the first Libertarian elected in Mississippi history. This is not only an incredible stride for the Libertarian Party, but a necessity for the struggling small town which Mayor McCluskey was elected to govern. Below, entails the ...

There is no “Right Way” to Spread Liberty

There is no more noble worldly cause that of advancing the values of liberty and individual autonomy.

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