Category: From the Editor

A Letter from the Editor: 71 Republic 1, Mainstream Media 0

71 Republic pulls an incredible feat of journalism by out-reporting major news organizations in the Alabama special election.

The Psychology of Malevolence

Malevolence is an incredibly complex thing, but perhaps even worse, we are all capable of acting it out.

From the Editor: What Makes a Person Good? Part 1 – The Shadow

To become a good person, one must acquaint themselves with the shadows they so intensely fear.

From the Editor: The False Dilemma

When there are only two options presented, keep in mind that things might not always be as they appear.

From the Editor: A Public Service Announcement Regarding PETA

Senior Editor Roman King warns against donating to PETA.

From the Editor: Common Sense Isn’t So Common Anymore — Here’s Why

Senior Editor Roman King returns from nowhere with an article on common sense.

From the Editor: The Art of the Dox — Internet Vigilantism on the Rise

Roman King gives a scathing opinion of people responsible for dox attacks on the Internet.

From the Editor: I Am My Own Worst Enemy – Depression, And How I’ve (Almost) Conquered It

Senior Editor Roman King shares a personal account of the mind's ability to be self-destructive, and how to persevere through it.

From the Editor: The American High School System Is Seriously Screwed Up

Senior Editor Roman King returns to From the Editor with a commentary on the average American high school.

From the Editor: Stagnation and Apathy Are Extremely Destructive — Here’s Why

In this edition of From the Editor, Roman King warns the general population not to accept a mediocre life.