Category: Global Affairs

Japan is Strengthening its Defense Arsenal Amid North Korean Weapon Tests

As DPRK tests weapons, the Japanese Defense Ministry takes precautions.

Brexit: What’s Happened Since

A year and a half has passed since the historical vote. What has happened since then?

DeepBrain Chain: Artificial Intelligence On The Blockchain

Skynet Arrives on the Blockchain

Gold or Bust: How Russia and China Can Make Gold Great Again

Russia and China are going to create a new gold trade, but it is not like the rest.

Dancing on the Heads of Snakes: An Assassination in Yemen

Cold War Redux in the Arabian Peninsula

Hope Solo is The President US Soccer Needs

The Tanya Harding of Soccer is Running for USSF President!

In Defense of the Trump Travel Ban

Trump's travel ban provides an array of benefits for Americans.

71 Republic Person of the Year: Kim Jong Un

From a sharp yet silent tension to nuclear posturing: How one man has brought the future of international defense and cooperation to the Korean peninsula.

Russia Banned From Olympics for Doping Athletes

Russian athletes guilty of using performance enhancing drugs have been shut from the Olympics.

Germany Is Paying Rejected Asylum Seekers to Leave

The Germans have begun to try out a new way of dealing with refugees.