Category: History

Adam Smith – Truly an Invisible Hand?

Although Adam Smith argued and developed the Theory of the Invisible Hand, it is important to note that is not his entire theory.

Bitcoin’s Forgotten Hero: Ross Ulbricht & The Long Silk Road

The story of a man who should be at the forefront of what it means to be a libertarian.

From War With Mexico to the Rise of the Republicans: The Politics Leading to the Civil War

Pre Civil War political history began in 1844, particularly with the election. It resulted in a series of events that would result in America's biggest in-country conflict.

Dancing on the Heads of Snakes: An Assassination in Yemen

Cold War Redux in the Arabian Peninsula

The Truth Regarding Sharia Law

Sharia Law is often misinterpreted by both the left and the right. Here's an objective look at the legal code.

Embassy Exodus: Jerusalem or Bust

Trump's decision could provoke a massive power shift.

The Distorted Perception Of The Civil War

We have a misunderstanding of one of the most critical parts of American history.

The Middle East – A New Cold War?

Is American intervention in Middle Eastern countries setting up a new Cold War?

The Root of America’s Drug Problem

A look into America's sickness of drug use and its cause, addiction.

Pick Up the Antidote of Liberty

Authoritarianism and collectivism are on the rise. We need to rise up against these forces.