Category: History

The Haitian Revolution and Classical Liberalism

The impacts of the slave revolt in Haiti on liberalism, and many other aspects of power.

From the Editor: Common Sense Isn’t So Common Anymore — Here’s Why

Senior Editor Roman King returns from nowhere with an article on common sense.

The Man in the Red Bandana: A True American Hero

Let us not forget the story of this man's brave actions on America's most fateful day.

Socialism Will Never Work

Fair is not a natural process.

The Evisceration of “Bears Ears,” What it is, and Why it Matters

The national parks and monuments that we hold dear are being threatened. What is happening, and what should we do?

Afghanistan: Trump and Change

Trump has recently announced a shift in how America will be operating in Afghan, what does this mean? Let's break it down.

Racism is the Disease, So What’s the Cure?

How do we cure racism? Should we even allow it legally? And what model should we use to oppose it?

Why Roe was Wrong: Part 3

With the exception of cases in which the mother’s life is in great danger, abortion is a practice which holds no firm grounds for existence in the legal or moral realms.

We The People, Our Bill Of Rights, and Why We Should Care: Part 7

The seventh amendment is still important in our day.

Why Roe was Wrong: Part 2

The second part of the case against the verdict of the Roe v. Wade decision.