Category: Law

Virginia’s Censorship Laws May Be More Dangerous Than We Think

Virginia is violating people’s free speech.

How to Win the War on Drugs: Norway Decriminalizes

A full on guns blazing anti-drug policy is not the best way to fix things.

Unmarked Police Vehicles are Just Another Step into the American Police State

Police vehicles with no clarification of allegiance pose a threat to American liberties.

Where’s the Money? We Could Have Payed Off the Debt by Now

An MSU economist began to review government documents, and he discovered a more serious waste than we could’ve imagined.

Senate Bill Threatens Future of Cryptocurrency

This Senate bill may change how Cryptocurrency is bought and sold.

Your Business, Not Your Choice

Many claim that by supporting business’ right to discriminate immediately means that you are a bigot or racist. This is wrong.

The Draft is Slavery and That’s That

The military draft is modern slavery, and there is no way out of that.

Even Roy Moore Has the Right to Due Process

Dylan Schultze | [USA] As of thus far, whether or not Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore is guilty of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl years ago has not been objectively proven, one way or another. Nobody knows if any of the men who have recently been accused of rape, harassment, assault, or misconduct are guilty, ...

Al Franken Announces Resignation, Takes Shots at Trump, Moore

Nick Hamilton|[USA] As if the drama in Washington couldn’t get any juicier, US Senator Al Franken (D-MN) announced Thursday that he will be resigning from the United States Senate in the coming weeks. Franken’s resignation correlates with the sexual misconduct accusations that eight women have fired at him. After apologizing for some of the actions ...

Would a Government Shutdown Really be That Bad?

What would the problem with the government going away even be?