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From the Editor: Stagnation and Apathy Are Extremely Destructive — Here’s Why

In this edition of From the Editor, Roman King warns the general population not to accept a mediocre life.

The Cook County Soda Tax is a Failure in Every Way

Cook County's soda tax should disgust lovers of liberty everywhere.

71R Exclusive Interview With Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Jake Porter

On August 8th, 71 Republic editor Max Bibeau interviewed Jake Porter, a Libertarian Party candidate for Governor in Iowa.

71R Book Review: Arguments for Liberty

71 Republic Editor Max Bibeau reviews the book Arguments for Liberty edited by Aaron Ross Powell and Grant Babcock.

Why New Hampshire Is Becoming The Epicenter of The Liberty Movement

New Hampshire has a fitting state motto: "live free or die."

Libertarian Activist Jake Porter makes Gubernatorial Push

Jake Porter, a 29 year old former executive director of the Libertarian Party of Iowa, is running for Governor of the State of Iowa.

Perhaps Austin Petersen Should Take His Senatorial Campaign a Little More Seriously

Some think the senatorial candidate needs to "grow up" a bit.

End the War on Drugs

The drug war has been nothing but a disaster, and there are better alternatives

Judge Protects Arizona Law Requiring Unrealistic Standards for Potential Libertarian Candidates

On July 10, Judge David Campbell denied the Libertarian Party’s request to repeal an Arizona law that requires candidates from the Libertarian Party to get many more signatures than their competitors in order to run for office.

Turn Your State Yellow!

I will focus on how to quickly and effectively use the libertarian party as a means of achieving liberty.