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Fakes Center, Goes Right

How French President Emmanuel Macron is turning out to be more right wing than people thought he would be.

Iraqi PM in Mosul marking victory

Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi visited Mosul on Sunday to congratulate Iraqi forces for their victory over Daesh (IS) in the war-torn city.

The True Cost of War

By Ryan Lau | MIDDLE EAST After the absolute strategic mishap that was the military’s decision to shoot down a Syrian plane in Syrian airspace, tensions are once again rising between the United States and Russia. This is not remotely surprising, given Vladimir Putin’s close ties with Bashar Al-Assad of Syria, but rather it is ...

The Case for Israel

With Israel approaching its 70th anniversary, it is important to stay observant of the tension that exists in the Middle East

Breaking: US Shoots Down Iranian Drone in Syria

By Griffen Smith | MIDDLE EAST An F-15 US fighter jet shot down an Iranian drone as it made its way to the US-backed forces in southern Syria. According to a defense official, it is the second Iranian drone shot down in less than a month.  The area it was flying to is a reported ...

The Palestine Argument

With Israel approaching its 70th anniversary it is important to stay observant of the tension that exists in the Middle East, but more specifically the Israel-Palestine Conflict.

US To Make Fighter Jet Deal With Exiled Qatar

Pictured: Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Emir of Qatar The United States continues its interventionist foreign policy by selling arms to a new friend on the Arabian Peninsula.

Saudi Weapon Block Fails in Senate

Tuesday on the Senate floor Senator Rand Paul submitted a resolution to stop all arms trades with Saudi Arabia

America’s role in fueling terrorism

Within the last 10 years, Terrorism has come onto the global stage as public enemy number one

12 Killed & 42 Wounded In IS Attack On Iranian Parliament

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for two attacks in the heart of Iran