Amor Fati: On the End of 71 Republic

71 Republic
Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

After nearly 3 years of consistent and dedicated journalism, 71 Republic is coming to an end. To some, this may not mean much. To others, this is probably coming quite unexpectedly. So I wanted to express my thoughts on the end and answer a couple of possible questions. Every written piece is structured to answer a central question. That’s the thesis of the writing.

I hope to answer why 71 Republic is ending, what my intention was behind 71 Republic, and my final thoughts on the matter.

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Federal Judge: 3D Printed Gun Blueprints Now Illegal. Here’s the Download Link

3D printed gun download
Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

On Tuesday, a Federal Judge ruled that the Trump administration’s decision to allow Defense Distributed to post blueprints for 3D printed guns was illegal. Judge Robert Lasnik of the U.S. District Court in Seattle violated federal law with the order by not first notifying Congress. However, the information should be free, so here’s the download link.

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Publisher’s Connection With China Could be Behind Snowden Book Censorship

Snowden macmillan
Andrew Zirkle | @theandrewzirkle

On late Monday night, Edward Snowden announced on Twitter that his new autobiography, Permanent Record, had been censored for its release in mainland China. The book follows the life of Snowden and the actions behind his 2013 whistleblowing incident, which implicated the NSA a massive illegal mass surveillance program. The book has achieved positive critical reception since its release in September, peaking at number four on the Amazon bestseller. 

Despite the initial rosy release of the book, things quickly turned sour when Snowden accused his publisher, Metropolitan Books, of violating the publishing agreement. Over Twitter, Snowden showcased a number of instances where passages relating to China either had their meaning changed or were redacted entirely. Little is known about the publishing arrangement. However, publisher Metropolitan Books and its parent companies, Macmillan Publishers and Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, have a complicated relationship with censorship and the Chinese government.

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Iran Crumbles as Iraq and Lebanon Rise Up

lebanese protests against iran
Romy Haber | @romyjournalist

Iran gained a powerful position in the Middle East by fueling the rise of militant Shi’ism, funding proxies, and claiming a pseudo anti-imperialism position.

In other words, the Islamic Republic of Iran established itself firmly in Lebanon through Hezbollah, in Iraq by financing multiple militias, in Syria by supporting the Assad regime, and in Yemen through the Houthis.

However, effective asymmetric warfare is not enough for Iran to preserve its hegemony. Today, Iran is losing where it won the most: Lebanon and Iraq.

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Colorado Proposition CC Claims Taxation Is Theft

proposition cc, colorado, taxation is theft
Warren Albrecht | @drw_albrecht

On November 5, Colorado shot down Proposition CC which would tip-toe the line between majority permission for fiscal spending and taxation is theft.  Earlier this year, the Colorado legislature sent to the citizen voter a proposal to allow the legislature to keep any surplus tax revenue to be spent on transportation or education. In 1992, a Taxpayer Bill Of Rights was passed. This is a Colorado constitutional amendment which,

requires that voters approve all tax increases and doesn’t allow government spending to grow faster than population and inflation. 

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