Category: Politics

The Fallacies Of Collectivists

An exploration into where the collectivists have and are still going, wrong.

New California Law Requires Warning Labels For Gun Sales

Governor Jerry Brown has signed three new gun control bills into law.

Executive Order Starts the Process of Repealing Obamacare

Donald Trump is making changes to healthcare.

Weinstein Helped Finance Clinton DefenseĀ 

Sexual misconduct and Hollywood corruption

The Forgotten War: Yemen

Yemen is a very tribalistic country, rife with conflict.

5 Nationalist Movements to Watch

Nationalist movements are on the rise.

OPINION: Trump Needs to Stop, from a Trump Supporter

A Trump supporter's opinion regarding where Trump is succeeding and where he's lacking.

OPINION: In Favor of Radical Libertarianism

Maybe it's time for the liberty movement to take a page out of the left's strategy book.

Civil Discourse Is Dead. Let’s Revive It.

I fail to notice the consequences of perception. When I assert my political opinion I let it become me. This is inherently a mistake.

Climate Change and the Plight of Modern Science

The long-held principles of a scientific world are being questioned and will shake our modern society to its core.