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Virginia’s Censorship Laws May Be More Dangerous Than We Think

Virginia is violating people’s free speech.

The Gender Pay Gap is Perpetuated by Young Women Who Choose Low-Paying Jobs

A UCL study has discovered that the gender pay gap is widely due to individual choices.

South Korea Heavily Regulates Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is taking a hit in South Korea, but the future does not look too bleak.

Rejoice, Because Net Neutrality is Gone!

The FCC's regulations have been holding back the internet. Now it may be free.

Bitcoin’s Forgotten Hero: Ross Ulbricht & The Long Silk Road

The story of a man who should be at the forefront of what it means to be a libertarian.

Bannon’s Next Move in the GOP Civil War

What should be expected post Alabama election when it comes to Bannon?

The Cannabis Industry is Blazing on Economic Upsides

Investors are flooding into the industry in areas where it has been legalized.

Politics is the Game of Sexual Assault and Immoral Action. Why Are We Still Surprised When Politicians Fit This Trend?

The political system exists on violence, so violent people rise to the top, and we are guilty of supporting this system.

Net Neutrality Officially Repealed

By Owen Heimsoth | USA On Thursday afternoon, the Federal Communications Commission officially repealed net neutrality. It was a 3-2 party line vote in favor of a repeal. Net Neutrality was instated in 2015 during President Barack Obama's tenure. It's repeal comes under heavy criticism from many internet users. Net Neutrality was intended to give ...

How to Win the War on Drugs: Norway Decriminalizes

A full on guns blazing anti-drug policy is not the best way to fix things.