Publisher’s Connection With China Could be Behind Snowden Book Censorship

Snowden macmillan
Andrew Zirkle | @theandrewzirkle

On late Monday night, Edward Snowden announced on Twitter that his new autobiography, Permanent Record, had been censored for its release in mainland China. The book follows the life of Snowden and the actions behind his 2013 whistleblowing incident, which implicated the NSA a massive illegal mass surveillance program. The book has achieved positive critical reception since its release in September, peaking at number four on the Amazon bestseller. 

Despite the initial rosy release of the book, things quickly turned sour when Snowden accused his publisher, Metropolitan Books, of violating the publishing agreement. Over Twitter, Snowden showcased a number of instances where passages relating to China either had their meaning changed or were redacted entirely. Little is known about the publishing arrangement. However, publisher Metropolitan Books and its parent companies, Macmillan Publishers and Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, have a complicated relationship with censorship and the Chinese government.

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Eric Ciaramella Named in Impeachment Testimony

eric ciaramella
James Sweet III | @jsweetIII

Eric Ciaramella, the alleged whistleblower of Donald Trump’s Ukraine phone call, was mentioned in Ambassador William Taylor’s testimony. The testimony occurred on October 22, while the RealClearInvestigations article on Eric Ciaramella that was widely circulated by Republican figures was published on October 30. The transcript of the testimony, which occurred behind closed doors, was released Wednesday as part of the Democratic Party’s effort to make the impeachment inquiry more transparent.

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Epstein Cover Up: Leaked Video Shows ABC Suppressed Story for 3 Years

Epstein cover up
Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

On Monday, Project Veritas journalist James O’Keefe tweeted out a teaser for a Project Veritas leak regarding Jeffrey Epstein, the now-deceased pedophile sex trafficker and wealthy financier. On Tuesday, the leak revealed that ABC News Anchor Amy Robach knew the Epstein story for 3 years and ABC news suppressed it.

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Editorial: PR Agent Caroline McAteer Can’t Threaten 71 Republic

conor mcgregor caroline mcateer
Ryan Lau | @ryanlau71r

Last week, 71 Republic’s Carlos Hermosillo wrote two pieces on MMA fighter Conor McGregor’s alleged sexual misconduct. Shortly after we published the second piece, McGregor’s PR agent, Caroline McAteer, sent us an email in which she demanded we remove the second piece. The article in question, which stated that McGregor supposedly offered more than a million Euros to his alleged rape victim, is available here. But 71 Republic is uninterested in McAteer’s little intimidation game.

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What Is Israel Hiding From Us About 9/11?

twin towers on 9/11
James Sweet III | @jsweetIII

From shooting at journalists and children to attempting a false-flag operation against American buildings in Egypt, Israel has a history of committing questionable acts. However, their crimes don’t stop there. On September 11th, 2001, five men stood in the parking lot of an apartment complex in New Jersey. These men, unlike many Americans on 9/11, did not stare in disbelief at the attacks unfolding right before them. Rather, these five men seemingly celebrated the worst terror attack in modern world history. They took pictures while laughing and dancing and were likely only surpassed in joy by Osama Bin Laden and other terrorists in the Middle East. Commonly called the Five Dancing Israelis, the world has forgotten about their actions. However, the FBI never forgot, and an investigation into these men yields shocking, but not surprising, results: two of these five men had ties to the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.

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