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Bannon’s Next Move in the GOP Civil War

What should be expected post Alabama election when it comes to Bannon?

Trump on Moore Loss: “I was right”

Trump called that Moore wasn't his guy and did not have what it takes.

CNN Lied About Trump Campaign Access to WikiLeaks

CNN got several key dates wrong and tricked the American public into thinking WikiLeaks was offering to collude with Team Trump.

In Defense of the Trump Travel Ban

Trump's travel ban provides an array of benefits for Americans.

Embassy Exodus: Jerusalem or Bust

Trump's decision could provoke a massive power shift.

What I Learned From my Interview With Angelo Gomez

"The whole Russia Scandal was created by the Democrats and promoted by the media that actively colluded with the Clinton Campaign during the 2016 Presidential Election."

Trump’s Wednesday Anti-Muslim Tweet Storm and Why People Have a Right to be Upset

Trump has taken another blunder. Are his actions excusable?

CNN Wants to Ban Term “Fake News”

The industrious news organization has taken a stance against the use of the term it so often embodies.

Randy Credico Being Subpoenaed For Interviewing Julian Assange

The New York comedian is the newfound target of investigators, due to his connection with Julian Assange.

George HW Bush is the Longest Living Former President, Ever

No former POTUS has ever lived as long as George H.W. Bush.