Left Media is Lying to You About Gun Statistics

By Colin Louis | USA

The mainstream media has been caught lying to you again. This time about gun control and mass shootings.

ABC news recently pushed the false narrative that there have been 274 mass shootings this year. These inflated statistics aren’t uncommon to be put up by the mainstream media. In January a VICE news reporter claimed to have been “tracking mass shootings” and found that were 370 mass shootings in 2016. These statistics along with others typically come from the website massshootingtracker.org.

What isn’t mentioned is that most of these “mass shootings” have no deaths at all. The website constitutes a mass shooting as “a single burst of violence in which four or more people are shot.” The term “mass shooting” has always been somewhat loose. But a definition is one that the federal government used, stating a mass shooting has to have four or more victims killed in order for it to be a mass shooting.

What’s also important is the context that many of the shootings are put into. It is no surprise that the mainstream media uses these shootings for political purposes. Numbers like “370 mass shootings this year” are used to argue that we need more gun control. What’s not mentioned is that in shootings like Las Vegas nothing could have been prevented by gun control, for the shooter had passed all mental health standards. Senator Dianne Feinstein, one of the most liberal anti-gun senators said that, “no laws could have stopped the Vegas gunman.”

The point is that the media has been lying to you. They twist and bend facts beyond a point of reason. Even if they didn’t the context that they put it in is very unreasonable. In order to fit their political agenda the media is willing to lie to you. You should always fact check so you can catch dishonesty like this.

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