Tradition and Liberty are One and the Same

By Colin Louis | USA

America has always had traditional values that institute the ideas of liberty. Our founding fathers always intended for the constitution to be a document that lasts until our nation’s final days. George Washington once said,

“The constitution is the guide which I will never abandon.”

Quotes like these show that tradition is liberty. As more and more countries turn to more progressive values we see a downward spiral in individual freedom. Our constitution lays out a bill of inalienable rights that government can NOT take.

In countries where progressives have gotten the opportunity, they’ve been able to restrict and take away the freedom of speech and gun rights. I’ll always remember when a progressive leftist told me “nobody mainstream wants to take your guns.” Lucky for us nobody in America advocates for a total gun grab. Why is this? Because we have a constitution outlining why we need guns. In countries like the U.K., that isn’t the case and there are no guns allowed by law.

Today we see a new face of the left, a more progressive one. One that trends further away from the guides of the constitution. A simple reason for this is the idea that the past is more racist and sexist and therefore worse. It is a common complaint that the government is and has been run by all straight white men. We correlate tradition with racism and other mistakes. This way of thinking has inspired newer and more progressive thought process, one that abandons America’s core values.

America was founded on the basis of freedom and liberty, these ideas rooted in tradition. As a more progressive society moves in tradition and consequently, our liberty moves out. Obviously, some traditions are bad and should be abandoned; institutions like sexism and gender roles aren’t traditions we need to keep. It is important though that we maintain a traditional belief set to maintain our liberty.

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