71R Exclusive: New Libertarian Representative Expected

By Griffen Smith | NEW HAMPSHIRE

A 71 Republic exclusive interview with New Hampshire State Representative Caleb Dyer (L-Pelham) disclosed that there will be a 3rd Libertarian joining his ranks in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. The Representative, who at this point is unknown, is set to make the announcement on June 27th at the steps of the state capitol building. Dyer also confirmed that the representative is from the Republican party.

There are currently two Libertarians in the New Hampshire State House. The first, Rep. Dyer, a former Republican who switched in early February, and Joseph Stallcop, who switched from the Democratic Party on May 10th, 2017.

This Representatives switch comes at a particularly sensitive time during the legislative session. On June 22nd, the House is expected to hear the budget proposal which exited the Senate last week and was heard in a Committee of Conference this past Friday. It is unknown whether or not this budget will have enough votes to pass as members of the House Freedom Caucus voted with House Democrats earlier this year to strike down the budget proposal which came out of House Finance. The forthcoming proposal from the Senate changes very little from the earlier House version and only reduces state expenditures a few tenths of a percent from the original.

In a private call after the live stream event, Mr. Dyer said the following:

It is likely that if Representatives are willing to leave the Republican Party over this budget squabble that the opposition to the budget has only grown among the fiscally conservative coalition. Ultimately, House Republicans will be losing another seat, bringing them closer to losing an outright majority in the House.

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