Colin Kaepernick Named GQ’S Citizen of the Year

By Jason Patterson | USA

Colin Kaepernick, the ex-NFL star who is notorious for starting the national anthem protest, was featured on the cover of the GQ Men of the Year issue. The protest movement has been talked about for months. Both sides have stirred up controversy with Trump calling the protesters “sons of bitches” and the other side simply disrespecting the flag.

GQ claimed that Colin agreed to be on this project because he wishes to reclaim the narrative of his protests. According to GQ however, Colin also makes it clear plans to remain silent. The only word we have heard from Kaepernick is by him tweeting that he was “honored” to be recognized by GQ on Monday morning.

Kaepernick has appeared on the cover of GQ once before, in August 2013, seven months after leading the 49ers to the Super Bowl. At that point, he was known as one of the league’s rising stars.

Former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry took a shot at Colin by writing  “Wear socks depicting police officers as pigs; wears Fidel Castro as a fashion statement in Miami; sues NFL for collusion when girlfriend compares owners to slave owners… sits for the national anthem. Win Citizen of the Year. Serve in the US military…nothing. What a joke.”

McHenry was one of 100 ESPN employees let go last spring. During her career at ESPN, she often criticized Kaepernick for initiating the national anthem protest movement.

GQ stated they decided to honor Kaepernick due to his activism both on and off the field, even though Colin has not played a minute of football in over a year.

The article also said that “Colin Kaepernick’s determined stand puts him in rare company in sports history: Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robinson — athletes who risked everything to make a difference.”