George HW Bush is the Longest Living Former President, Ever

By Jason Patterson | USA

On Saturday George Bush became the longest living commander-in-chief in American history.

On Saturday Bush reached the age of 93 years and 166 days, what makes him the longest living president. Passing the former holder, President Gerald R. Ford, who died at the age of 93 years and 165 days in December of 2006.

Jimmy Carter is just behind them at 93 years and 55 days. Carter was born four months after Bush on Oct. 1, 1924.

U.S. Presidents by longevity, as of today:
—  George HW Bush: 93 years, 166 days
— Gerald Ford: 93 years, 165 days
— Ronald Reagan: 93 years, 120 days
— Jimmy Carter: 93 years, 55 days
— John Adams: 90 years, 247 days
— Herbert Hoover: 90 years, 71 days

Our nations second president and founding father, John Adams, is 5th on this list. Unlike his fellow presidents on this list lacked as many medical advances because he was born in the 18th century compared to the others born in the 20th century.

Besides George and Carter, the other living Presidents have a long way till they can make this list.

Donald Trump: 71 (June 14, 1946)

George W. Bush: 71 (July 6, 1946)

Bill Clinton: 71 (Aug. 19, 1946)

Barack Obama: 56 (Aug. 4, 1961)