Bannon’s Next Move in the GOP Civil War

By Colin Louis | USA

On Tuesday voters in Alabama elected Doug Jones to the US Senate. This win for Democrats was a loss for the Republican nominee and accused pedophile Judge Roy Moore. Moore’s nomination from the Republican Party was an example of Steve Bannon’s effect on what direction the GOP will point itself to. Bannon, a fierce supporter of President Trump and the war on the Republican establishment came out several times in support of Moore. Moore’s loss was also a loss for the Trump movement within the GOP. Bannon’s fight against RINO Republicans like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan may be put on hold. Bannon has made his fierce opposition to McConnell very well known, well speaking at a campaign rally for Moore during the primaries Bannon sent a warning to McConnell saying,

“Mitch McConnell, your day of reckoning is coming!”

The war on the GOP establishment is sending a signal to McConnell that Republican voters are tired of “business as usual.” Around the nation, Republican candidates are stepping up to the podium in opposition to the establishment GOP and in support of Trump. Bannon and Trump need a primary opposition to bring establishment Republicans down so they can further their agenda. The Senate is full of anti- Trump Republicans. Senators John McCain, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, etc have proved through their voting and actions that they oppose the actions of President Trump. Bannon and Trump will have to work in 2018 and beyond on to get rid of these Senators and others to further the Trump agenda.

In Nevada Senator Dean Heller faces primary opposition to Trump supporter Danny Tarkanian. Heller’s seat is the most vulnerable in 2018. If Tarkanian is nominated the GOP may have higher odds of keeping a seat that is extremely unsteady.

In Tennessee and Arizona Senator’s Jeff Flake and Bob Corker announced they wouldn’t run for reelection in 2018. This is a clear path for Trump and Bannon to make their move on two seats.

So, Bannon and Trump were set back by the Alabama election, but they may have an opportunity to win more influence in 2018 and beyond. Bannon is now the face of the anti-establishment movement, his powerful opposition to McConnell and other RINOs puts the GOP establishment in jeopardy. McConnell should fear Bannon, especially since Bannon no longer works in the White House and is now able to campaign and seal without restriction.