Duopoly: The Republicans and Democrats May As Well Unite

By Austin Anderholt | USA

Many Americans are highly conflicted when it comes to voting for a political party. Many Republicans will boast that “Liberals are brainless!” while many Democrats will tell you that “Republicans are evil!”, when in reality, you’re all being played by your politicians.

Let’s start with a lie. This lie is so vital to the survival of the two corrupt powerhouses of which we call “The Major American Political Parties” that democrats and republicans alike are both brainwashed into believing it. What is the lie? It’s simple: “a vote for a third party is a wasted vote!” This lie itself is a catch 22: “People don’t vote for third parties because they don’t get voted for. Why don’t they get voted for? Because people don’t vote for them.”

This paradox is what keeps Americans who are (unbeknownst to themselves) libertarians in the mindset that “I need to vote for [insert useless political party] because the opposing party hates freedom.” Many people on both the American right and left have very libertarian values, but they don’t know it. Because of this, they will keep mindlessly voting for the same two parties that only advance bigger government. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re either

  1. A liberal who thinks “Conservatives hate freedom!”
  2. A conservative who thinks “Liberals hate freedom!”

If you are either of those, then riddle me this: Even though the past 100 years of American history have been pretty evenly republican as it was Democrat, why has big government shot up? Simply because both parties are for the biggest government. They are one in the same! They might have tiny political differences just so that the citizens think their vote matters, but they’re really one in the same:

They both are doing nothing about the fact that every second, America goes 5 grand deeper into debt.

They both are doing nothing about the endless wars that we have intervened in, killing our troops, innocent civilians, and destroying peaceful nations. If they do anything at all, they simply say “the other side is for this, surely I am not!”, and then they proceed to do nothing.

In order for a presidential candidate to be able to debate in a presidential debate, they must be polling at 15% during election season.

“That’s good. That way, parties that nobody has heard of don’t waste time debating in front of a national audience.”

Wrong. This is but another catch 22:

“Third party candidates don’t get enough exposure, therefore they shouldn’t be allowed to debate. Why don’t they get that exposure? Because they’re not allowed to debate!”

The next time you see a republican or democrat campaign sign, remember that they are both on the same team of big government. They don’t care about winning your vote as long as they’re always in power. They aren’t really different at all. They are a puppet democracy. People only vote for them out of fear and logical paradoxes. Don’t let two party candidates win, vote third party. Raise awareness for third parties, and let third parties debate! Let us take back our nation.