Mother Jones Will Now Attribute Anything to Global Warming

By Ethan Suquet | USA

So much for the whole weather isn’t climate argument from the left. Mother Jones is so infused with Global Warming Alarmist propaganda that when it snowed in Florida (a state that many leftists believe will be underwater soon), they claimed that this snow was because of Global Warming.

This argument is the result of a significant fallacy in their thinking. Rather than examine evidence piece by piece and writing a more moderate piece titled “Snow in Florida isn’t proof that Global Warming is fake” they decided at Mother Jones that no matter what evidence comes out their conclusion is wholly accurate and all evidence must point back to their end.

In this mentality, whether it gets hotter, or it gets colder Mother Jones still wants to demonize entrepreneurs that provide us with energy to keep the lights on, they want to push a narrative to get the United States back into the disastrous Paris Climate agreement which would, in the long run, kill millions of U.S. jobs according to the Council for Capital Formation. With this article, Mother Jones continues to epitomize the shift towards a post-fact world. If it snows in Florida and they blame it on Global warming when will the left stop and reconsider their position on the environment? Would they reconsider if we continue to see no significant atmospheric warming? I doubt it. Would they reconsider if the temperature shifts turn and begin to cool? I doubt it.

There is a considerable strain of irrationality in the climate change debate shown by the left and its time for the right to start calling them out on that absurdity especially when we see such obviously false articles which blame snow on Global warming. The right can win the environmental debate, but we need to have the will to call out rubbish reporting when we see it.