Ron Paul Thinks a Popular Libertarian Candidate is “Very Possible” in 2020

By James Sweet III | USA

Ron Paul, a major torch-bearer for the liberty movement in the United States, told the Washington Examiner that he believes Trump may face a strong opponent in the Republican primaries in 2020. The challenger may not be a “true-blue libertarian”, but will be a popular candidate that will move the country in a right direction towards libertarian policies. He believes this is the “big opening” libertarians are looking for.

“The appearance of the libertarian movement has been set back partially because of Trump, but intellectually we’ve been doing well,” said Paul. When asked why 2020 may be a big year for the libertarian movement, the former congressman pointed towards many different problems that were caused or were not solved by the government. He believes the current economic growth is “a bit of an illusion”, and believes that those connected to the Unites States government benefit from the current monetary policy. Paul believes the United States economy is in a bubble again and that “we’re on the verge of something like what happened in ’89 when the Soviet system just collapsed.” He has stated that he hopes the “system comes apart as gracefully.”

Ron Paul doesn’t believes the states would secede from the nation, but that the foreign influence the United States has, like military bases in a large list of countries, would collapse and that the government would deal with its monetary policy. When talking about President Trump, Paul stated, “Trump’s approach sounds good one day but the next day he’s antagonizing everyone in the world and thinks we should start a war here and there.”

Ron Paul has always been an influential man, standing with his policies and beliefs his whole life. Recently, he stated that Jeff Sessions should be fired. Will his statements on 2020 inspire some libertarians in the GOP to challenge Donald Trump in the primaries, or will he face a false prediction?

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