Stand With Ryan

By Ethan Suquet | USA

Right now as we ease into the new year of 2018 Republicans seem divided over the years agenda and there seem to be two sides to that. On the one hand, there’s the populist wing of the Republican party led by President Trump that would like 2018 to focus on what would amount to a bipartisan multi-billion dollar boondoggle on infrastructure spending. On the other hand lies the conservative wing of the Republican party, led by Speaker Ryan that is ready to sit down and be the adults in the room that make sure that future generations aren’t handed down tens of trillions of dollars more in debt because of irresponsible entitlement spending. In this new years agenda we on the right need to remain united, we must unite under a major policy push to fix entitlements, we must stand with Ryan.

Since his early years in Congress, Paul Ryan has been a leader on entitlements, in 2012 when he was the Republican Vice Presidential nominee he was the half of the ticket that helped the GOP come to a consensus around medicare vouchers. He has had the courage to touch the third rail in politics without hesitation, saying things in interviews such as “competition works everywhere, especially in Medicare”. On the right, we need to choose between two paths right now. The Ryan path of solving the problems of the day and making sure that we don’t pass on crushing debt to the next generation or the Trump path of blowing up the deficit with a big government intrusion into the issue of infrastructure. This path will not be an easy path. On infrastructure, there’s the option of a consensus by the big government factions of both parties that could garner upwards of 70 votes in the Senate, while on infrastructure we would be hitching our bets of entitlement reform on Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins casting a conservative vote. Although entitlement reform won’t be anywhere near as easy to pass as an infrastructure bill, it’s the right thing to do, and because of that everyone on the right must unite around an entitlement based 2018 agenda and stand with Ryan.