The Public School System Is Lying About The New Deal

By Ethan Suquet | UNITED STATES

Last week as a high school student taking a United States History course I was shocked by some of the unabashed partisanship present with regards to the New Deal policies of President Roosevelt.

On two separate occasions, I had to fight the dictates of my conscience to answer the question correctly because I understood the fact that the people who make standardized tests tend to lean to the left.

I worry not just because of a few people within my class are being miseducated on the New Deal but because millions of students all across the nation are, and if they grow up believing in the false notion that government creates jobs, their votes could mean a significant decline in the amount of Reaganite conservatives in Congress and future presidential administrations.

The first occasion in which this happened I was given a list of a few new deal agencies such as the civilian conservation corps and the Tennessee valley authority and asked about what new role these programs gave the federal government. Any rational person could quickly grasp that none of these programs were mentioned in Article 1 Section 8 of the constitution or any amendments and the correct answer is that the government was playing a role outside of the constitution.

This fundamental truth seems to have not crossed paths with the minds of standardized test makers because like millions of U.S. History students just discovered from this test, the government had a new role in creating jobs.

This was not a sole altercation with the test, in fact, something similar happened in another question to get the right answer I had to imply that FDR’s actually policies lowered unemployment, just the thought of that is laughable.

Possibly the most extensive study which was conducted by UCLA professors using economic modeling to determine the effects of FDR’s policies on the economy has concluded that they did quite the opposite. According to the UCLA study, FDR’s policies extended the great depression by seven years and massively increased unemployment.

The idea that he improved the economy runs contrary to reality and it is wrong for bureaucrats to impose their left-wing ideology on high school students. These kids have to lie through their teeth for a good grade.

We’re being taught fraudulent history, and its time for that to change.


4 thoughts on “The Public School System Is Lying About The New Deal”

  1. I would challenge you to talk in depth to a man who worked in the Civilian Conservation Corps and who could tell you first hand of the level of despair, even to starvation, of the public during the Depression. And I’m a strong Republican. I have spent many hours interviewing these CCC men, the ones who were there and lived through it. I can supply contacts for you if you wish to re-educate yourself on the necessity of these programs.

      • What if Government, Actually hires someone to do a job?

        Like hires someone to dig a ditch, or chop-down a tree?

        Wouldn’t that mean, Government created a job?

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