Concealed Carry vs. Open Carry: Which is Better?

By Osh | United States

Without a doubt, most conservatives and libertarians can agree: The 2nd Amendment protects both concealed and open carry. However, many will debate on which is ultimately more effective. Though both have their merits, it is clear that concealed carry is by far superior.

Concealed carry, for those who do not know, is concealing a firearm on your person. Concealed carry is my preferred method of carrying, for several reasons. First, I believe that concealing gives someone the element of surprise. If a criminal is trying to harm someone, they most likely will not be expecting an armed victim, especially if the weapon is not visible. Also, it is less likely to agitate a peaceful group of people, who will not know about the firearm.

Open carry, on the other hand is the act of carrying around a firearm in plain sight. This type of carrying is more common among police officers than civilians. I am not a fan of open carry, to be quite frank. First of all, I fail to see the appeal of lugging around a 6 – 7 pound AR-15 . It also may make surrounding people uncomfortable. Some may argue, on the contrary, that an open carry makes it easier to fend off an attacker in a public place, such as a bank robbery. However, in that event, the armed robber is more likely to initially target someone with a visible firearm. If the same person hid it, they would be more able to defend themselves without the attacker killing them.

Clearly, both are constitutional rights, which the state has no right to infringe upon. Despite this, what is legal is not always what is right. Undoubtedly, concealed carry is by far preferable. It may save more lives, while allowing for the public to remain at ease.

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2 thoughts on “Concealed Carry vs. Open Carry: Which is Better?”

  1. Osh presents no evidence to support the assertion that “the armed robber is more likely to initially target someone with a visible firearm” because there is none. There is no way to empirically determine which carry method, concealed or open, is “better” because there are too many variables.

    I have done my due diligence, performed my risk analysis, considered my abilities and my limitations. I will continue to carry openly as that method works best for me. Your mileage will vary.

    As with most things in life, it comes down to which risks we are willing to manage and which benefits matter most to us.

  2. Saying that open carry makes you a Target is ignorant and void of evidence. Criminals want soft targets. They see a gun and they go somewhere else to find someone looks unarmed… Like a concealed carrier. He doesn’t want to risk his life for $20 in your wallet. Now the concealed carrier is on the defensive and can hopefully pull out his cute little pistol in time. Open Carry is a deterrent from ever even having to deal with it in the first place. Be a hard target. Open Carry.

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