Adam Kokesh On Potential Running Mates, Abolishing The Federal Government, And “Resigning On Day One”

By Jason Patterson | United States

After many failed presidential campaigns that have lead to broken promises and fake principles, we may have finally found an honest candidate, and he isn’t even running for president.

I interviewed Libertarian presidential candidate, Adam Kokesh. I started out by asking him, “What are your expectations for your campaign and do you plan on actually contesting the election.” He replied with an optimistic response, “Well I plan to win. The people I talk who have never really supported a candidate, never really voted, hear my message and say ‘well I’d vote for that.'”

Kokesh has run his campaign off the platform of plans for the peaceful abolition of the entire Federal Government. “I do plan to dissolve the federal government, and transition into a privately ran country. My campaign isn’t about myself or electing me as president, it’s electing no one,” said Kokesh.

I moved on to ask him about Donald Trump and his liberal policies on guns, he responded by saying that Donald Trump is the greatest trick liberals ever played on conservatives and libertarians. Donald Trump is not only for gun restrictions, but he has increased government significantly. More bombs are being dropped on foreign countries, more troops are being deployed to Afghanistan and more U.S. soldiers are dying.

Then we went on to discuss if Trump was truly draining the swamp. Adam said:

“Absolutely not, you look at his cabinet you look at his administration, he has actually done the opposite. The only reason why he says he can’t be bought out is because he has already bought into these big bankers. Trump is a great manipulator which is why he can really convince his supporters he’s ‘anti-establishment.’ Also, a good amount of Trump’s money he earned was not earned fairly. To add to that someone who worked very close with him claimed Trump actually owns a couple billion less then what he claims to have.”

We later discussed Rand and Ron Paul.

“What you have to understand is Rand and Ron are to completely different things. While I would still say Rand is on the better side of things when it comes to politicians he lacks a true heart of libertarianism that his father and I hold. In an interview I did with Dr.Paul in 2001, Ron even admitted that his son lacks a true heart of libertarianism and a lack of volunteerism we both hold.”

Lastly, I went on to discuss potential running mates. While Kokesh stated that he couldn’t give out to much information, he said “Well my campaign team has told me to hold off as long as I can, but one person who I could see being a great running mate and help me dissolve the federal government is Cynthia McKinney. ” He went on to say that she is “extremely principled and if she keeps doing what she is doing, she would make a great running mate.”

Adam has an aim for the abolition of government and establishment of a peaceful libertarian social order. Visit him at

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