Fiscal Conservatism is Dead

By Owen Heimsoth | United States

As of March 23rd, 2018, there is no fiscally conservative party left in control.

25 Republicans in Senate and 145 in the House, supposedly those in the party to represent fiscal conservatism and small government have made their voice clear that those two statements are no longer true.

GOP Leadership just rammed a $1.3 trillion dollar, 5-month, 2,232-page spending bill that basically nobody has read through Congress in under 24 hours.

The current budget will add $1.7 trillion to the national debt over the next 10 years, and this does not help at all. Why would the GOP care nowadays?

Thanks to ridiculous spending by the two parties over the years over a trillion dollars of debt is being accumulated each year. Because of this, the debt share per taxpayer has risen to over $170,000 and the debt is far greater than the GDP of the United States.

The situation is not getting better either. President Trump has left the GOP’s plan to balance the budget in the next 10 years. The US has one of the worst debt situations in the world and the party with control of all branches of the national government refuses to do nothing about it.

In early 2017, the Senate failed Rand Paul’s measure to enact a balanced budget act as it only got 14 votes. If the GOP was truly comprised of fiscal hawks and true conservatives, the bill should’ve passed with flying colors. Instead, it was the beginning of the GOP showing their true colors.

Not only is this budget a huge bill that nobody has read, it is packed with useless spending.

Sen. Rand Paul was quick to point out a few key figures on Twitter. The following  figures come directly from @RandPaul

o $1m for the Cultural Antiquities Task Force

o $6.25m for the Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation

o $20m for Countering Foreign State Propaganda

o $12m for Countering State Disinformation and Pressure

o $5m for Vietnam Education Foundation Grants

o $2.579m for Commission on Security and Co-operation in Europe

o $15m to USAID for promoting international higher education between universities

o $2.696bn for International Disaster Assistance

o $1.371bn for Contributions to International Organizations

o $51m to promote International Family Planning and Reproductive Health

o $7m promoting International Conservation

o $10m for UN Environmental Programs

o $1m for the World Meteorological Organization

o $218m for Promoting Democracy Development in Europe (yep..the birthplace of democracy needs promoting)

o $25m for International Religious Freedom

o $10m for disadvantaged Egyptian Students

o $12m for Scholarships for Lebanon

o $20m for Middle East Partnership Initiative Scholarship Program

o $12m in military funding for Vietnam

o $3.5m in nutrition assistance to Laos

o $15m in Developmental assistance to China

o $10m for Women LEOs in Afghanistan

Oh, yeah, and this just a couple pages of the 2,232-page bill. The government cannot properly fund its own programs yet we are sending billions to countries that hate us. No wonder we are $21 trillion in debt.

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