Google is Watching Literally Everywhere You Go

By Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

Android users beware, it seems that Google knows your every move, down to the second that you make it.

A video that can be found here shows a man’s walk around Washington D.C.

During his walk, he stops at various locations, such as government buildings, churches, and hospitals. The entire time, he is carrying two androids that have no Sim cards and no WiFi. One is set on Airplane mode.

After his venture through the nation’s capital, the man connects the phones to a WiFi device that detects all data that leaves the phone. What was discovered is that Google was sent every single information about user location down to the second. It was able to determine whether he was walking, in a car, getting out of the car, or standing still.

So even if your location services are off and your Android is on airplane mode, Google can still access your every single move the moment you are connected to the network.

Everyone knows that organizations with massive terms of service collect our data to sell targeted ads, but this method is slightly unnerving. We sign agreements that allow Google to track such a thing, but Android users should be aware that they are constantly being tracked every second of the day.

Somebody is always watching.

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  1. Safest bet for remaining hidden from the cloud is not carrying a phone. Next safest is having it powered off and not connected to a network. In today’s world, it’s probably best to assume that you’re device is subject to attack and being tracked the moment you connect a network.

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