Childish Gambino Inaccurately Portrays American Culture

By Casey Ward | United States

The new music video by Childish Gambino (AKA Donald Glover) is all anyone can talk about. Across America, news outlets are praising how different and courageous the new music is. In the video, you can see references to cultural issues like mass shootings and historically racial tensions. With all of the people raving about what the video means it is nearly impossible to find someone with an opinion other than “oh how rebellious and deep.”

The first voice that I heard calling Mr. Glover out on this new video was Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter.

After seeing Mr. Toure speak out about the video I contacted him to discuss this issue further. Mr. Toure commented that to Mr. Glover’s credit, the cinematography was great, especially for one take. However, people are tired of being portrayed in a negative light.

In Mr. Glover’s video, the assumption is that America is filled with violence and guns are at the heart of it. This just isn’t the case for a majority of gun owners. On average there are 9,289 homicides using a gun but there are nearly 111,000,000 gun owners making only .008% of gun owners violent. Coupled with people interjecting what they believe the video meant just makes the entire situation negative towards your average gun owner.

The content of the video is not actually that good, because Mr. Glover used so many different topics. It appeared he could barely finish one reference before starting another. This leads to people being lost and constantly distracted leaving the references unexplored and unexplained.

This leaves many people wondering, where is Mr. Glover? Since Mr. Glover seems absent from the conversation as to follow the same suit as every celebrity that has taken a similar route. Say something controversial, start the conversation, win an award, and then move on from the issue. Celebrities merely accept their award and fade out of the discussion until the next time ratings need a boost. Another issue is that in the video Mr. Glover reprimands other creators for using violence to sell their art.

Instead of criticising others for their use of violence to get views while in the same breath using that exact tactic as a “prop” you should set an example. Talk is cheap especially in today’s world and as Mr. Toure put it, “The true power is galvanizing people, solve the problem instead of just talking.” The real issue with the video is the vagueness of it all, it’s not that deep since he does not actually go into anything specific but instead repeats issues everyone already knows about.

To conclude Mr. Glover did a good job as far as art goes… but as for being deep or controversial about America and its culture, the entire video is a failure.

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