The Anti-White Agenda Really Needs To Stop

By Nick Hamilton | United States

The Anti-White agenda in America has gone insanely too far. By me saying this, I don’t agree with the notion that any race is better than any other; in the end, we’re all equal. However, it isn’t racist to acknowledge that the left’s Anti-White agenda has gone too far.

Why is this Anti-White agenda unfavorable?

Well, for one, if you’re going to judge someone based off of the color of their skin, that makes you a racist. It doesn’t matter what the color of your skin is. Saying that certain races can be racist while others can’t doesn’t promote your supposedly ideal message of equality. That’s not how any of this works. Social Justice Warrior groups such as Black Lives Matter and AntiFa have entertained the idea that white people are the only group that can be labeled as racist. However, if you’re going to say that certain groups have free passes to do certain things because of the color of their skin, where is the supposed promotion of equality? Where is your “equal rights” agenda where it really matters?

Now, why does this agenda need to stop? How is it getting out of hand?

That’s a fantastic question. A lot of this evidence was inspired by popular YouTuber Mark Dice, who has over 1,000,000 subscribers on YouTube. Recently, he has brought to light certain African-American individuals who have blatantly lied about their interactions with police officers. This has pushed police departments to release the unedited body cam footage.

However, their stories take off, and the police officers get defamatory hate against them and sometimes even death threats. Jarrod Moultrie, the President of the South Carolina NAACP, blatantly lied about an interaction with a South Carolina Highway Patrolmen, who pulled him over for not using a turn signal. He asserted in a Facebook post that the officer asked if he had drugs in the car, and referenced Bill Gates in his string of racial profiling for driving a Mercedes-Benz.

However, the body camera footage tells a different story. No questions were ever asked about drugs, no reference to Bill Gates, and Moultrie was even let off with a WARNING. Dice has shown four instances on his channel of incidents like these, however, it’s quite appalling that the President of the South Carolina NAACP is trying to lie about a white police officer to push his agenda. While yes, there are unfortunately racist police officers that still exist, there is no need to lie about an interaction with a police officer to push your anti-white agenda.

So, we’ve got police officers covered, I can’t imagine civilians who are white are targets of this agenda, right?

Wrong! The intellectuals over at Mel Magazine published such a fantastic and well-written article that blew everyone’s mind away. A stunning piece of work that should challenge the notions of today’s society. An article titled, “White People Should Not Be Allowed to Call 911 for an Entire Month.”

I read this article expecting to be given hard facts and a well-strained argument on why a certain race should be banned from using emergency services for an entire month. However, like this entire agenda, I was robbed of five minutes of my precious lifespan reading the author of this article rant, with profanity on many occasions, about why he hates white people calling 911.

The author brought up a few instances of white people abusing 911, so that perfectly justifies banning an entire race from using it, right? So, since white people apparently can’t do anything right; if I set my kitchen on fire while cooking that causes me to have to evacuate my house, God forbid I call the fire department, right? Or even worse, say I witness someone abusing an animal? I guess I’ll have to just keep walking along.

Let’s not forget, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter asserted that white people are genetically “sub-human,” last year in Toronto. So, you claim to fight racism but say the because of someone’s race, they’re subhuman? Because of someone’s race, they should be killed?

Look, no race or group of people is perfect, including white people. But everyone needs to chill out and stop going after people based on their race. Honestly, if we want to all just “coexist,” we need to stop fighting and pointing fingers, and just get along. For our country’s sake, stop lying, stop fighting, and just get along.

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1 thought on “The Anti-White Agenda Really Needs To Stop”

  1. Good post.
    Illana Mercer over at Unz review, has a similar article about Bill Gates wife articulating anti-white male sentiments.
    She makes the point that these kinds of Articulations have a tendency to precede genocides.

    Also Lauren Southern has a documentary on youtube titled ‘Farmlands’ which deals with South African whites, only 8% of the country and how they re treated as a woeful minority.
    It is not a multiculti paradise, South Africa is a land where 16 million people are on government assistance which is paid for by the 4 million taxpaying people.
    That is your future kids if you dont take a stand.Don’t get fired but don’t vote for your own disappearance.
    it is one thing to get Pokemon Virtue Signaling points and another thing to contribute to your own suicide as a people.
    Remember that when the time comes, the mob will not distinguish between ‘good whites’ and ‘bad whites.’
    Good luck.

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