Caller: Josh Hawley Made Neighbor Remove Petersen Sign

By Ryan Lau | @agorisms

This week, the state of Missouri’s Senate race took a personal turn. In a call to Austin Petersen, a caller to radio host Gary Nolan’s show described some controversy with Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley involving one of Petersen’s road signs.

The caller, after placing a Petersen bumper sticker on his car, ran into a friend, who asked about it. He then informed the friend about the sign and the opponent to Hawley. Following some conversation, the friend informed him that Hawley was, in fact, his neighbor. The caller then gave him one of Petersen’s signs to place in his yard for the attorney general to see.

But according to the caller, the sign lasted a mere twelve hours, forty six minutes.

After that brief span, he reported, the candidate himself appeared on his neighbor’s doorstep, holding a copy of the community’s rules. One such rule, which Hawley had highlighted, was to not post any political signs.

Hawley’s neighbor suggested that “usually he sends his wife over” for matters concerning the neighborhood covenant.

Petersen, on his Twitter, mocked Hawley for the event. He first called the candidate “man enough to do his own work”, before asking “how petty is [Hawley]?”

He also stated that Hawley’s measure was hypocritical, because it shows a rare acceptance of the law of the land. Petersen has often stated that the attorney general does not respect the Constitution when it comes to the Second Amendment. Yet, he says, he is now fully able to use it to advantage in the form of a homeowner’s agreement.

Below is the talk with the caller.

The Missouri Senate primary election between the two will occur on August 7 of this year. Few polls have been released that include both candidates head to head.

Update 7/23: Report originated from a Gary Nolan show caller, not Mr. Nolan himself.

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